4 Reasons to Play Simulation Games

4 Reasons to Play Simulation Games

Mar 12, 2018 Mobile Games by Nash

Simulation games or “sims” as they are sometimes called, are games that present a different version of reality than the one we live. Popular versions include those where you take care of farms, villages, islands, cities, families, an individual, or animals.

One notable example is Star Stable, which is a horse simulation. In Star Stable, you can create and name a foal. Once they have been created, you are then given the chance to raise it to adulthood while simultaneously completing quests and daily tasks.

Why do people play sims? There are several reasons a gamer might decide to spend time on this type of game. Here we look at just four of the big reasons: escaping reality, having fun, virtually living your dreams, and fulfilling your inner God complex.

1: Escape Reality

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Gaming has long been a way to escape our own (sometimes harsh) realities. When playing any virtual game, you’re able to forget your own troubles for a few hours. Whether you’re avoiding a difficult day at work, or school, or trying to forget a big argument or financial issues, Alcornocales.org/ are a great way to escape.

2: Have Fun

Sim games are wholesome fun. This is the primary reason people choose to spend their free time immersed in their worlds. Not only can you have fun while playing simulations, but it’s a type of fun you can have on your own. If there is nobody to keep you company (such as when you’re an only child), you can entertain yourself for hours.

3: Virtually Live Your Dreams

People choose to play games that simulate a dream they have always had, or something they’ve always wanted to do. Sometimes these dreams are things which have the possibility of happening in the future, such as where you raise your own family. Other times they are dreams which can only be lived out through a game. Examples include building your own city, playing the role of a pirate, or being the current president of the United States.

4: Fulfill Your Inner God Complex

It is psychological fact human beings have an inner God complex. This means we, as people, desire to have control over something. Simulation games allow us to fulfil that innate desire in a safe, mentally healthy way. You are the “God” or ruler of the worlds living inside of your sims, and you have total control over what happens.