eSports in the Olympics? These Hopefuls Say Yes

eSports in the Olympics? These Hopefuls Say Yes

Feb 1, 2018 E-Sports by Nash

Professional video gaming is definitely not a ‘thing,’ as it has been since 2000. It’s been within the past few years that esports has really gained its notoriety, however, and these days, there are players and fans located around the world. Perhaps you’ll ever see competitive gaming in the Olympics in 2024. If Japan has their way, it certainly will. This is just one of the latest esports news  stories you’ll want to follow!

The 2024 Olympic Games will be held in Paris. As every Olympic event, it is anticipated to draw fans from around the world and millions of viewers on the TV screen. The International Olympics Committee is considering adding esports to the Olympic Games, though if the addition is made, there are certainly many restrictions on the games that will be allowed. No violent games will be allowed in the competitions, if the decision to allow the games is made.

There’s little wonder why there is such desire to add sports to the Olympic Games. It is a multi-billion dollar industry with fans and players around the world. Even in Japan, where there’s laws in place that prohibit illegal gambling and paid video game tournaments, have negotiated new laws that provide exemption for esports. Esports is just that great, but getting it into the Olympic Games may not be as simple as that.

Takeo Kawamura, a Japanese lawmaker, even said that they’re willing to use special laws and provisions to ensure that esports are allowed into the Olympics. As it is today, many people are earning solid cash through video game competitions. Kawamura wants to take this one step further and ensure they have medals to honor their special talents, too. This is not the first time the mention of esports in the Olympics has been mentioned. Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee President, said they were considering bringing the video game competition to the Olympics in September, 2017.

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For now, it is a wait-and-see case. Esports are popular and there’s a good chance the popularity will shine through in 2024 and the world will see new games that they may have never imagined being included in the Olympic Games. Keep up with the news to find out more.