The Importance of Responsive Website Design

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Feb 5, 2018 Web Design by Nash

If you are building a new website, it is important to create a responsive design website that reaches more customers and clients. If your business is older and has had a digital presence for some time, responsive design may not be there and could be hurting your business. Redesigning your website could help you build an even bigger and better presence than you now have. If you hire a website design company to create your website or revamp an older site, responsive design is something that you can depend on and expect.

But, exactly what is responsive web design and why is it so important? A responsive website is one that looks appropriate for the size screen that it is seen on. Whether the screen is small or large, the website should adjust to the screen. Additionally, responsive website design ensures that the site is always easy to use. A study reported that 57% of website users will leave the page if it takes more than three seconds for a page to load. Responsive design ensures that you never encounter this obstacle.

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Responsive web design also ensures that your website is made to use on a mobile device. The mobile devices that your site will work on after responsive design include tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices. It is important to have a site that is easily seen from a mobile device because more than 70% of all internet browsers are using their mobile device. Furthermore, Google penalizes businesses that do not have a mobilized version of their website.

An easier user experience is also provided when the site includes responsive design. Customers have lots of choices and if your website does not supersede all their needs, they’ll quickly move on to the next company who will deliver their expectations and more. You do not want to lose customers for any reason, especially because your site disappoints them. When you contact a website design company to help create your website, you’ll get a site that rocks in every way possible, and nothing could be better!